January 27, 2011

Katy Perry & Black Shatter: IN STOCK w/ Swatches!

GREAT NEWS!  We now have both the OPI Katy Perry collection AND the Black Shatter polish available for purchase at Beauty of a Site! You can order these colors right now!  We're stoked to be one of the first to offer Black Shatter, and we're excited that our customers will be among the first to own it! ORDER KATY PERRY and BLACK SHATTER HERE. Here are our swatches of the Katy Perry Collection: OPI Katy Perry Collection Black Shatter In Stock Pics And, our absolute favorite thing we've seen from OPI this year: OPI BLACK SHATTER!!  Here's Black Shatter applied to all of the Katy Perry colors.  Read tips below for making Black Shatter work for you!  You can order all of these colors here. OPI Black Shatter with Katy Perry Collection In Stock Swatches Note the difference an extra coat of OPI Black Shatter makes - cool huh! Here are some tips for really making Black Shatter work for you: 1.  OPI Black Shatter is perfect for coating on any OPI color - not just Katy Perry.  The crazy bold brights have a powerful effect, and so do the really vampy violets and greens.  Experiment away. 2.  For OPI Black Shatter to work just right, your base coat nail polish color must be 100% dry.  In fact, we're suggesting you paint your nails, go do something else, and come back sometime in the next hour to do your second coat, to make sure that the effect is perfect. 3.  Adding extra coats of OPI Black Shatter gives a totally different effect.  Check out the Black Shatter swatch all the way on the left (only one coat) compared to the swatch all the way on the right (two coats)- the cracks are much more prominent and separated.  The variety is awesome! 4. When you first apply the polish, it will look thin and uneven, but don't worry - it's supposed to! Shortly after it starts to dry, it will crack and separate for the effect above. Enjoy!!