June 18, 2011

Humidity Proof Your Look!

Does this happen to you? Do the warm summer months wreak havoc on your makeup? Fight off humidity with Model in a Bottle, a cosmetic finishing spray designed to keep your makeup looking fresh, in spite of tears, smudges, water and humidity, and anything else the day has in store for you.  Simply spray this matte finisher over your makeup in the morning and avoid the need for touch ups all day long. Model in a Bottle's specially designed formula absorbs access oil (keeping you from looking "shiny") without clogging pores! Model in a Bottle has been featured on Oprah and the Tyra Banks Show, as a product used by celebrity makeup artists to keep perfect makeup application fresh for hours on end. Don't let humidity get the best of your day.  Choose Model in a Bottle to look your best all day long!  Click here to browse all Model in a Bottle products.