August 28, 2010

Going Platinum with Kenra

Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo & Blow Dry SprayKenra's newest Platinum products, now at Beauty of a Site: Kenra Dry Shampoo and Kenra Blow Dry Spray. Kenra's Platinum line has always featured classic products, redefined for optimum results using innovative technology along with timeless principles of style. Kenra's Platinum Dry Shampoo claims to be a "reviver" and "refresher."  The perfect way to keep a beautiful style fresh, dry shampoo keeps you from having to style and restyle between washes, effectively extending the vitality of your color and the health of your hair.  This formula features rice starch for removing oils, ingredients for UV defense, panthenol for regulating moisture and a zesty mango melon fragrance. Kenra's Platinum Blow Dry Spray is a thermal protector specifically designed to protect and nourish color treated hair.  Helping your hair to dry faster while protecting each shaft from damaging heat, breakage, frizz and humidity.  This formula benefits from jojoba oil, argan oil and silicones. Click here to check out the Dry Shampoo, and click here to purchase Kenra's Blow Dry Spray.