April 06, 2009

Goin' Downtown with Rosie Jane's Brown

[caption id="attachment_205" align="alignleft" width="223" caption="Rosie Jane Cosmetics"]Rosie Jane Cosmetics[/caption] Which color eyeliner do you prefer? Black or brown? Most of us have our everyday staple - I'm a big fan of black. After reading some fellow beauty bloggers opinions on wearing brown to achieve a more natural look, I'm wondering if I should try a new hue? Let's take a look at Ellen Pompeo - she's a fan of brown eyeliner - particularly Rosie Jane's.  Often seen with RJ's baked brown liner in Beach Tree and a peachy or shimmery nude-ish pink shadow, Ellen's style is a beautiful mix of classy and natural. She also tends to compliment her eyes by carrying the peach color from the lid to the underline of her bottom lashes. Wondering how to complete the look? Very pink and wet lip gloss! Rosie Jane's line of cosmetics has a great Lip Dew - it comes in Apple Blossom, the perfect bright pink shade to make you look polished! Here at Beauty of a Site we want to make change affordable! We're offering a FREE Rosie Jane Eye Define in Beach Tree with any purchase of Rosie Jane cosmetics! Check out Rosie Jane's Cheek Gloss, Eye Hints and Lip Dew here!