August 02, 2010

Go Goth: OPI Halloween Nail Art!

Consider this an extension of swatch week. :) You asked for it- we got it! OPI's Go Goth Mini Nail Lacquer Set for Halloween 2010 features four lovely new colors (each 1/8 oz) along with a free lace cuff bracelet, for all of your femme fatale Halloween needs. Below are swatch pictures, as well as some of the different nail art that we thought was kinda cool... PS: You can buy it here (on sale for $12!)- it's in stock and shipping! A beautiful blackened purple polish surprised me in the dark collection- quite a bit of color! Introducing OPI Nevermore: OPI Nevermore Halloween Nail Polish We combined this pretty lovely deep purple with OPI Sanguine- a blood red sparkle with a dark twist.  The combination was pretty fun, and perfect for the Halloween season (and PLEASE pardon my not-so-awesome paint job): OPI Sanguine Halloween Nail Lacquer Go Goth My favorite color out of the bunch: OPI Unripened- a black base with glittering green sparkle. OPI Unripened Go Goth Nail Lacquer I sort of frenched this color using OPI Obscurity lacquer, a completely matte flat black polish (the fourth in the set).  But instead of doing a classic french, I did it at almost a diagonal, and farther down the nail.  I loved the result!  The layering of the matte and the sparkle was soo fun! OPI Obscurity Black Matte Nail Polish Halloween I enjoyed the matte / sparkle nail polish layering so much, I tried another combination.  This time I applied OPI Obscurity matte nail polish first, and then used OPI Sanguine (the red sparkly one) sort of spattered on top.  It sort of ended up looking like blood spatter which was NOT my intention, but I guess for the right gory Halloween costume, that could be cool... but either way, the effect was fun: OPI Go Goth Halloween Nail Polish 2010 Oh, and in case you're pretty excited about the bracelet, I did wear it the whole time I was painting my nails, just to get into the groove.  Here's the lace bracelet- very goth chic: OPI Halloween Goth Nail Lacquer Go Goth! Again, the OPI Go Goth Mini Nail Lacquer Set (for Halloween 2010) is on sale at Beauty of a Site right now for $12!  You can buy it here.  I highly recommend it- the colors are really cool, and the bracelet is free, even if it's not your style.  :)  We only have a limited quantity, so order soon!