January 29, 2013

Get The Look - 2013 SAG AWARDS

Sag Awards 2013

The monochromatic look was very "in" during this years SAG Awards. Actresses like Ann Hathaway, Claire Danes, and Jennifer Lawrence stole the night with classic black dresses.

The best outfits are the ones that are simple. I remember that Oprah once said, if you're going to spend more money on clothes, spend it on black and whites, because they never go out of style.  A black dress is crucial in any woman's wardrobe, it's the GO TO dress, when all else fails. A great item to pair with fabulous turquoise jewelry, or any color of your choice, for countless color options.

We can carry this concept into many avenues of our "wardrobe" life. DuWop offers a variety of bold options that pair up nicely! Think of this: A dark blue dress and nude lips, or a yellow sweater and white jeans with pink lips!

You may think "lipstick doesn't look good on me, I've tried before", but.....you have never tried DuWop.

This brand offers solid color, but the neat thing is, you can chose whether you want it to be darker and more bold, or lighter and more sheer.   I don't like to wear lipstick when the color is saturated. I like translucent color, so you can still see my lips underneath it. With Duwop My Private Lipstick, the first layer is thin, with a little color, and the second layer is solid. It's your choice.  It's also the perfect shade for any skin tone because it blends well and has a magical way of looking good on anyone!!

If you're going for that bold lip, natural eye and cheek, we have some suggestions!

Cheeks | Click Here

Eyes | Click Here

With the SAG Awards over, it's on the the next fantastic Red Carpet, The Oscars!  BOAS will be on the lookout for all the hits and misses, as well as the report on latest in fashion and beauty!!!