September 11, 2010

Fall Make-Up Trends 2010

Fall Makeup Trends 2010It's been cool enough here in the Midwest this week for us to talk like it's Fall.  Along with cardigans, books and other Fall goodies, we're making some subtle adjustments to our cosmetic bag that scream, "hey, it's Fall!"  Here's our quick guide to small changes you can make to freshen up your style for the Fall season: 1.  Neutral nail shades.  Glamour's August issue warned us that we'd be seeing neutral nail shades everywhere we looked, and we're here to report that we are!  Along with Glamour, we totally recommend Essie's Mink Muffs (a classy, sassy taupe) and OPI's You Don't Know Jacques! (funky grey-beige creme) as the coolest neutrals of the season. 2.  Pucker up with red lips!  Whether you're heading to a show with friends or to an office meeting, rock classic red lips to liven up your look.  The bright lips work best with simple eyes (maybe even mascara only) and only a light bronzer instead of pinker blush.  Let your lips do the talking!  Do it best with DuWop's Private Red Lipstick which magically adjusts to be your own personal perfect red shade! 3.  Eyebrows that show.  That's right kids... stop plucking those suckers.  This trend started showing up earlier this year, but has really established itself both on the runways and in our own back yard.  With neutral makeup and a clean look being such a big part of fall style, having eyebrows to shape your face and give your look some color is a welcome change.  Keep your brows even and in order using Blinc's Eyebrow Mousse in the color that's right for you!