October 20, 2009

Essie Mint Candy Apple- Sweeter than Dessert!

Essie Mint Candy AppleSo... it's here.  We were excited, but we didn't expect to love it so dang much.  What are we all pining over at Beauty of a Site, you ask?  Why's it's Essie's new "it" color:  Essie Mint Candy Apple. We all were excited about Essie's limited edition North Fork Collection from earlier in the  year, which featured three blue-ish greenish colors, and when we saw the promotional pictures for Essie's Mint Candy Apple from her new Sweet Time of the Year Winter Collection, we were expecting something extremely similar, but this was better! Less bold or blue than Essie Greenport and decidedly more "minty," one of our fellow bloggers straight up called this the color of an after-dinner mint.  And we're pretty sure she's right. Expect a color slightly  more green than the promotional pictures, a true mint green with a tinge of blue, with enough creamy, milkiness to the formula to make it perfectly wintery.  We found that in about two coats, you can get the even and incredibly unique minty green color you're expecting.  And alongside Rock Candy & Lollipop, it's the cutest little holiday collection of nail polishes you've ever seen. And, PS, this color is FLYING off the shelves.  If you love it, you're certainly not alone.  And if you don't love it... you should. Click here to purchase Essie Mint Candy Apple today!