July 03, 2010

Eclipse: As Good As We'd Hoped!

Twilight Lip Venom BlushAs Beauty of a Site's resident Twilight addict, I went and saw Eclipse the very first moment I could.  And as expected, I loved it (no spoilers... don't worry). The newest director was wonderful, and truly brought out the beauty not only of the story, but of the characters!  Rosalie, in particular, was more beautiful in this movie than in any other thus far; her costume designers and makeup artists finally managed to totally capture her inner Cullen. And as expected, the Team Jacob / Team Edward tension couldn't have been hotter.  Jacob and Bella's relationship reaches new heights, and the movie accurately captures the difficulty of being trapped between two loves. * sigh * If you're like me, and you want a little more vampire-inspired magic in your life, try using DuWop's newest Twilight Venom Blush, a new shade of the classic lip plumper that celebrates the Twilight movies.  A warm pink, with a bit, the Twilight Venom Blush Lip Plumper uses essential oils to plump your lips- as if freshly bitten- and adds a natural look blush to intensify color. Click here to purchase your own product today!