March 19, 2013

Easter Celebration - Aunt Sadie's

Easter Celebration

Right around Easter time, we begin to see an increase in temperature, and memories of Spring bloom in our cold Winter hearts! Time to light some candles and sweep the sweet nostalgic scent of Spring into our homes! Whether you need some aromatic inspiration for Spring cleaning, or you're going to a loved ones house for Easter Dinner, Aunt Sadie's candles are wonderful to have at home and to give as a creative gift. We offer original and unique  scents like LemonadeFresh Cut Grass (which is a top seller), and other floral scents that take you into the sunny, warm days of Spring. All Aunt Sadie's candles are hand poured with premium wax and authentic scents that contain essential oils. The candle burns the same at the top as it does at the bottom, for an even, all the way down to the wick burn! These fun and fancy candles make a great novelty gift, offering a wide range of decorative labels, for every event in your life. So the next time there is a birthday, wedding, holiday, or a season that brings a smile to your face, remember Aunt Sadie, because she has the perfect candle waiting for you! Shop Aunt Sadie's Candles Now - Only $16 each | Click Here