May 21, 2011

Clean Up Messes on the Fly!

No matter how nice I look, how fancy the party is or how expensive my wardrobe, I manage to ruin the most beautiful of nights with a careless spill, a spot of baby powder or makeup on my lovely dress.  But - never fear - Miss Oops Rescue Sponges are for girls just like me, who need something to help them when they're on the run! Miss Oops dry sponges are made of polyurethane (polyether to be specific). This sponge is designed specifically to remove deodorant, baby powder and makeup powder from clothing without needing water. Each red sponge is 3" x 3" with scalloped edges. These edges allow for greater use in hard-to-reach areas, such as in between buttons. They're a life-saver, and on sale for $8.50 for the rest of this month!  Click here to shop! Miss Oops Rescue Sponge