May 08, 2010

Becoming Your Own MakeUp Artist

Blending is the key to perfect and beautiful makeup application. Mixing the colors just right, applying them just in the right place and accentuating the beauty of your bone structure fundamentally change simple pigment into the perfect look for any occasion. Achieve your favorite makeup style with professional makeup brushes- the instrumental necessary for professional looking beauty!Qe Brush Makeup Kits Beauty of a Site's Qe Brush sets are marked 30% off their regular price for the month of May.  We offer several different sets in different price ranges, including an eco-friendly option!  All of Qe's brushes are professional quality and include all of the standard sizes and shapes that help you apply all of your makeup flawlessly, conveniently packaged in a brush bag. Shop all of the Qe Brush Set options today!  Click here to shop this and other monthly specials!