July 11, 2013

Beauty From Nature

We  are in love with this company and their amazing products!  They believe in sustainable, ethical and responsible business.As part of our corporate social responsibility program, we collaborate with our partners in Ghana and the USA to bring free National Health Insurance to all our 2500 rural women that supply us our finest quality shea nuts and shea butter. Tama Soap Tama All Natural Moisturizing Black Soap is a traditional West African soap handcrafted from herbs and essential oils found in Ghana’s tropical and woodland region. Gentle enough for babies, it will leave your skin clear, fresh and hydrated all day. Great for moisturizing dry skin, controlling minor skin rashes and acne, and antibacterial property. Click Here to Purchase!  Tama All Natural Moisturizing Shea Butter Soap is enriched with 50% unrefined shea butter and handcrafted with all natural ingredients found in Ghana. This soap gently cleanses with a rich lather – leaving your skin fresh, restored, and glowing all day. Click Here to Purchase!