February 07, 2012

Alchimie Forever: As Seen in Shape Magazine!

We absolutely love when our products are featured in magazines -- to let the world know about the beauty tools we love best! This month, our recently added line Alchimie Forever was featured in Shape Magazine. Alchimie Forever Q-switch Body Contour Gel Alchimie Forever Q-Switch Optimizing Body Contour Gel is a toning and slimming gel for your hips, thighs and buttocks. As Shape brags:
...To send the puckers [of your skin] packing (at least temporarily), start by applying [this] lotion that contains a diuretic agent such as theophylline or caffeine; it acts like shrink-wrap to tighten skin for a few hours.
To get your own skin-tightening body gel, Click Here! The only thing to lose is that dimpled mattress look on your skin!
Alchimie Forever as seen in the press Bath and Body body contour contour gel hips thighs Shape Magazine skin firming gel skin firming lotion skin tightening lotion slimming gel