Skin An Apothecary Soy Body Whip - 16 oz

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Getting rid of dry skin doesn't have to mean getting greasy.  Lighter than balms and butters, Skin An Apothecary's Soy Body Whip is a fluffy body cream that gives dry dull skin a hydrated glow.  Skin An Apothecary's blend of Vitamin C, Soy and coconut oils aids in restoring a healthy moisture balance by infusing the skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients.!

Click here for a full description of each of Skin An Apothecary's unique fragrances.


Ginger Snap -  All the great smells of autumn in one! Hints of ginger, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon capture the warm, comforting scent that truly says fall.

Iris - A warm, feminine blend of iris petals and purple freesia contrasted with sharp green pear and with some warming amber and patchouli.

  • Lighter than balms and butters
  • Leaves hydrated glow
  • Restores healthy moisture balance

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