Birthday Milestone Bracelet

Lucky Feather

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The Lucky Feather Birthday Milestone collection helps you honor that significant person in your life with some extra love on their special day. Simplistic beauty shines in this bracelet, displaying one bead for every momentous year of their life! Set against a gorgeous display card with gold lettering. The perfect gift to celebrate those important milestones in our lives!

  •  Each bead is dipped in 14k gold and nickel free. 
  • 7-8 inch adjustable cord

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  • Lucky Feather
Lucky Feather strives to spread inspiration and love through their trend setting jewelry and gifts. Started in a home studio by Jill Schiff after she tried to find a gift to lift a friend's spirit and couldn't. Jill and her team strive to share encouragement, love and celebration with the world through their jewelry and accessories.

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