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Enjoy the best of Swedish Dream with the Swedish Dream Basket. Nautical and fun, Swedish Dream features a line of products with all natural, soothing ingredient in three variations that will take you to the seaside. Swedish Dream's three core line scents include Sea Aster, which combines floral and sea scents and features a nutrient rich formula modeled after the hardy sea aster flower. Sea Salt channels the sharpness of mineral salt and is best used for softening skin thanks to its tonic action. Seaweed is more smell like an ocean breeze and is great for exfoliating (in soap form) as well as clarifying and moisturizing. With the Swedish Dream basket you know you are getting soaps, hand creams, and candles that use natural ingredients with a seaside flair.

Swedish Dream Basket includes:

- Swedish Dream Candle (Asstd.)

- Swedish Dream Hand Creams (Sea Salt & Seaweed)

- Swedish Dream Bar Soaps (Sea Salt, Seaweed, & Sea Aster)

*Assorted products at BOAS discretion*

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