Rosebud Perfume Co Smith's Medley of Lip Balm Tubes (three 0.5 oz tubes)

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Rosebud Perfume Company Medley of Lip Balm Tubes is the perfect variation that a girl needs. This medley comes in a cute tin can for easy storage. The medley contains:

1 - Strawberry Lip Balm Tube: Perfect for those blistery summer days. This effortlessly portable tube of lip balm has that ever-lovely taste of Strawberry Shortcake. The best part? Rosebud lip balm will heal and sooth your lips with every use.

1 - Mocha Lip Balm Tube: Rosebud Perfume Company Mocha Rose Lip Balm Tube is the perfect pick-me-up for a gloomy day. Infused with mocha, chocolate and vanilla, and a hint of rose it's just like going to your favorite coffee house without having to wait in line. Like all of the other Rosebud Perfume Company lip balms, Mocha Rose will soothe and heal your lips with every wear.

1 - Rosebud Salve Tube: Rosebud Perfume Company's Original Rosebud Salve Tube combines the ever popular original formula Rosebud Salve and the convenience of a lip balm tube.The original (since 1892) and only Rosebud Salve! The hard-to-find Rosebud Salve is considered the gold-standard of lip balms. Soft, supple, and slightly rose-scented lips result with every use. Can even be used on chapped skin, blemishes and diaper rash.

  • Chapped skin
  • Smooth lips
  • Moisturizing

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