Refinee Soothing Floral Toner (6 oz)


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Refinee Soothing Floral Toner is a refreshing cooling alcohol-free toner for all skin types. This gentle toner with Rose Water, Cucumber and powerful antioxidant Pomegranate Extracts gives your skin a feeling of instant freshness and comfort while clarifying skin by lifting away dead surface cells left over from cleansing. Refinee Soothing Floral Toner helps skin retain moisture while calming irritation, dryness and sensitivity, plus it promotes healthy radiance. Paraben Free.
  • The rose-water in this product calms and hydrates the skin after exfoliation
  • Anti-aging floral toner with soothing properties
  • Removes makeup
  • Alcohol free
  • Can be spritzed on face during summer to cool down

  • Refinee
Refineé Age-Reversing Skin Care was created in the belief that the secret to youthful beauty lies within. Not just in the soul and spirit, but also just beneath your skin’s surface. Recovering and protecting that beauty is what defines Refineé products. Each luxurious cleanser, brightening exfoliant, soothing repairing cream and firming serum is make of a remarkable new fusion of the most advanced ingredient technology in harmony with precious protective botanical extracts from the earth and ocean.

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