Refinee Age Recovery Cream (2 oz)


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Refinee Age Recovery Cream is a deep repairing moisture treatment for all skin types. This amazing cream with PEP-SYN COMPLEX delivers a high concentration of clinically proven dual peptide Matrixyl® 3000 to help stimulate collagen production and protect the cellular matrix for maximum anti-aging repair benefits. Penetrates deeply to increase elasticity, firm tone, and to visibly plump up thin layers of skin for a more youthful, resilient appearance. Refinee Age Recovery Cream helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lightweight, fast absorbing, and gentle enough for daily treatment.

  • Anti-aging skin recovery cream
  • Luxurious cream that will penetrate the matrix of the skin for repair
  • Regenerates tissue and "lift" sagging skin
  • Should only be used by those individuals with auxiliary wrinkles


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Refineé Age-Reversing Skin Care was created in the belief that the secret to youthful beauty lies within. Not just in the soul and spirit, but also just beneath your skin’s surface. Recovering and protecting that beauty is what defines Refineé products. Each luxurious cleanser, brightening exfoliant, soothing repairing cream and firming serum is make of a remarkable new fusion of the most advanced ingredient technology in harmony with precious protective botanical extracts from the earth and ocean.

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