Qtica Smart Spa Lime Zest Triple-Action Fresh Soak - 35 oz

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Qtica Anti-Bacterial Soak is a three in one, all-purpose soak that gives you the perfect hand or foot bath to prepare for manicures or pedicures. Smart Spa Anti-Bacterial Soaks soften water, kill and prevent bacteria and provide relaxing aromatherapy with an advanced medical-grade formula. Cutting-edge foam control technology manages foam level even in whirlpools!
The invigorating aroma of lime is sweet and soothing in this Lime Zest
scent. The perfect fragrance for a summer's day - or for conjuring a warm
summer's day when none is in sight!

  • Great Lime Zest scent
  • Cutting-edge foam control technology
  • Soak for a perfect manicure and pedicure experience

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