Qtica Smart Spa Lime Zest Triple-Action Fresh Soak - 35 oz


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Qtica Anti-Bacterial Soak is a three in one, all-purpose soak that gives you the perfect hand or foot bath to prepare for manicures or pedicures. Smart Spa Anti-Bacterial Soaks soften water, kill and prevent bacteria and provide relaxing aromatherapy with an advanced medical-grade formula. Cutting-edge foam control technology manages foam level even in whirlpools!
The invigorating aroma of lime is sweet and soothing in this Lime Zest
scent. The perfect fragrance for a summer's day - or for conjuring a warm
summer's day when none is in sight!

  • Great Lime Zest scent
  • Cutting-edge foam control technology
  • Soak for a perfect manicure and pedicure experience

  • Qtica
Qtica offers nail treatments, hand and foot therapy, and Smart Spa manicure and pedicure supplies. Featuring products like the first sugar scrub that fully dissolves in water or the triple action fresh soaks that are 3 products in one: a skin moisturizer (water conditioner), disinfectant and aromatherapy. From the makers of our favorite Zoya Polishes and Treatments come these extra treats.

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