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For perfect nails, we recommend these professional files. These files are constructed of the finest 3M materials, water-resistant adhesives and premium plastic. When you file, go in one direction. Replace your file often. It shouldn't take more than a few strokes of the file to shape your nail. If you're working too hard, replace the file.

Choose from the following types:

Black: 100 Very Coarse Grit and 180 Medium Coarse Grit

Gold: 100 Very Coarse Grit and 180 Medium Coarse Grit

Silver: 120 Coarse Grit and 180 Medium Coarse Grit

Blue: 120 Coarse Grit and 180 Medium Coarse Grit

Pink MINI: 400 Fine Grit and 600 Ultra-fine Grit. 400 side can be used to shape and smooth soft natural nails while 600 side buffs for a beautifully finished shine. 3 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch

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