Pedi-Sox SofSpa Softening Cream Concentrate for Feet, Hands and Body

Original Pedi-Sox

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Original Pedi-Sox SofSpa Softening Cream Concentrate is an intensive dry skin therapy for feet, hands and body. Rich in emollients and botanicals, Pedi-Sox SofSpa Softening Cream Concentrate is designed to absorb slowly then penetrate deeply into your skin. Works great with Original Pedi-Sox pedicure socks, especially for overnight treatment use!

Pedi-Sox are fun, flirty toeless socks --the perfect way to keep your tootsies happy during your pedicure! Designed to slip on right before your toenail polish, Pedi-Sox ensure that your feet can stay warm, clean and protected while your priceless pedicure dries. Helping moisturizers to absorb deeply into the skin, Pedi-Sox totally enhance any pedicure experience. No more leaving the spa with cold feet in winter! Wear Pedi-Sox pedicure socks with your flip-flops and leave with warm feet.

Also wear them for extra comfort during yoga or other mat exercises. Use alongside Pedi-Sox SofSpa Softening Treatments to watch calluses, cracked or problem skin fade away.

One size fits all. Stretchy & solid construction. Machine washable.

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