Pedi-Sox American Cruise Pedicure Socks - California Lite Weight

Original Pedi-Sox

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Original Pedi-Sox American Cruise striped pedicure socks are a cute, warm addition to your pedicure spa treatment! Slip on before applying nail polish to keep your feet warm while letting your foot cream absorb. These socks are part of the Pedi-Sox California Lite collection using lighter weight yarn for year-round use in warmer climates. Pedi-Sox American Cruise toeless pedicure socks feature a navy blue and white stripe design with a red cup heel and white band. Celebrate the Olympics, Fourth or July or just be nautical with these patriotic socks!


Light Weight Material for year-round use in warmer climates. Made with Acrylic and Nylon for stretch and heat regulation.

Size and Care

One size fits all. Machine washable.

Pedi-Sox are fun, flirty toeless socks --the perfect way to keep your tootsies happy during your pedicure! Designed to slip on right before your toenail polish, Pedi-Sox ensure that your feet can stay warm, clean and protected while your priceless pedicure dries. Helping moisturizers to absorb deeply into the skin, Pedi-Sox totally enhance any pedicure experience. No more leaving the spa with cold feet in winter! Wear Pedi-Sox pedicure socks with your flip-flops and leave with warm feet.

Also wear them for extra comfort during yoga or other mat exercises. Use alongside Pedi-Sox SofSpa Softening Treatments to watch calluses, cracked or problem skin fade away.

One size fits all. Stretchy & solid construction. Machine washable.

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