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Miss Oops Milk Proof Maternity Nipple Covers

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Disposable nipple covers with a leak-proof center. Moms-To-Be have more important things to worry about than unsightly stains. That's why Miss Oops created Milk Proof Maternity Nipple Covers. comfortable cover-ups that stop wet spots on tops. Protect your clothes and prevent embarrassment with these maternity must-haves. Designed with a cotton center and medical-grade adhesive, the non-irritating, non- toxic covers are easy to use and discreet to carry. The perfectly portable, disposable covers fit perfectly in handbags or diaper bags for emergency moments. With five pairs per pack, Miss Oops offers multiple sets for multiple leaks.
  • Portable and disposable, come in 5 pair pack
  • Cotton center with medical-grade adhesive
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-toxic

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