Lightfoot's Shave Soap - 2.8 oz Bar


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Lightfoot's Pure Pine Soap Shave Creme Soap is perfect for the man in your life. In the classic Lightfoot's tradition feel refreshed after a brisk shave with this British pine scented shave creme. From Chester, England to the brisk shores of America's New England, a 100 year old tradition of English-style craftsmanship has been passed down in Lightfoot's Pure Pine Soap. At one time only available in private clubs, Lightfoot's Pure Pine Soap is now the choice for the discerning gentleman or lady at home. The aromatic freshness of the pine forest is the perfect skin freshener after athletic activity.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Gift box with one 2.8 oz bar of soap
  • Makes a GREAT Stocking Stuffer


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  • Lightfoot's
Lightfoot's Pure Pine Soap is handmade by Kenyon’s Grist Mill. Made in Rhode Island, Lightfoot’s Pine Soap is produced by one of the oldest and largest soap makers in the country! This light, fresh scent will remind you of walking through a pine grove. It is like taking in a breeze from New England Pines. Hard milled and moisturizing, it will last in your soap dish without dissolving and leave your skin feeling soft.

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