Kalastyle Cedar Wood Soap - 5.8 oz


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Cedar Wood Soap gives you Cedras meaning power with it aromatic scent and unique cleaning formula. This soap is made with cedar wood oil that is extract from the bark of cedar trees. The oil promote the release of toxins, circulation of moisture, and is even an natural insect repellant. The soap is good washing both hair and skin, so it's a great all-on-product for campers or if you have a utilitarian side to you.

  • 5.8 oz bar
  • Contains cedar wood oil that released toxins & promotes circulation
  • Acts as natural insect repellent
  • Warm and woody aroma
  • Made in America 100%

  • KalaStyle
A family business of 25 years that began out of a little New England farmhouse, KALASTYLE continues to grow, but stays true to its roots. Simple, high-quality products, bold packaging, and the same message since day 1: BUY GOOD SOAP!

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