Kalastyle Cedar Wood Candle - 10 oz


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Get the best of nature with Kalastyle's Cedar Wood Candle. This candle is made with pure 100% U.S. grown G.M.O. free soy wax. The candle's cedar scent reveals deep earthy notes with a balsamic finish to create a soothing, warm space. Cedar's ability to soothe is well known, it has  been commonly used for this purpose in Sumerian, Egyptian, Tibetan, and Native American cultures, and even has sacredness in some cultural contexts. Enjoy this woodsy scent for meditation or to just add some relaxation into your life.

  • Nontoxic, biodegradable soy wax candle with pure cotton wick
  • 100% American Made

  • KalaStyle
A family business of 25 years that began out of a little New England farmhouse, KALASTYLE continues to grow, but stays true to its roots. Simple, high-quality products, bold packaging, and the same message since day 1: BUY GOOD SOAP!

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