HALLO SAPA Moss Soap - 4.3 oz.


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The HALLO SAPA Moss Soap by Kalastyle draws on ancient secrets to soothing and protecting skin with the use of moss lichen . Growing abundantly in the plains and mountain regions of Iceland, this unpolluted environment allows the moss to naturally absorb powerful nutrients. This refreshingly earthy scent will leave your feeling more connected with nature.

  • Made in the USA
  • Features nutrient-rich green moss
  • Ingredients imported from Iceland


Collections: Bath and Body, Beauty, KalaStyle

  • KalaStyle
A family business of 25 years that began out of a little New England farmhouse, KALASTYLE continues to grow, but stays true to its roots. Simple, high-quality products, bold packaging, and the same message since day 1: BUY GOOD SOAP!

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