Hale Cosmeceuticals Dermist GSL-624 Clarifier (6 oz)

Hale Cosmeceuticals

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Hale Cosmeceuticals is a leader is lab created skincare products that give you the best, honest care. Hale Cosmeceuticals Dermist GSL-624 Clarifier is a mild yet effective skin exfoliation product. This clarifier combines pure glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid with phospholipids in a synergistic blend designed to soften your skin slowly and dislodge dead skin cells. When used regularly, this leads to cleaner and healthier skin. Because exfoliating should not be irritating, Hale uses the mildest organic ingredients that are 100% biodegradable. The base of this product is the same gentle formula often used in baby shampoo.

Each of the four active ingredients offers distinct benefits, making this a unique skin exfoliating product:

1.) Glycolic acid is a superficial acid that binds dead skin cells to soften the skin's fibers.

2.) Salicylic acid deeply penetrates your pores and unclogs oil glands.

3.) Lactic acid is a humectant that holds hydration, plumping up your skin and improving texture and appearance.

4.) Phospholipids mimic your skin's natural ceramide balance, providing a buffering effect that allows you to maintain your skin's original PH.

When combined, these four ingredients work together to clarify and brighten your skin, giving it a supple and beautiful texture and appearance. Dead skin is effectively removed to reveal a younger and more vibrant you!

  • Daily skin polish
  • Paraben Free
  • Organic ingredients that are 100% biodegradable
  • Base of this formula is the same as baby shampoo
  • Made with glycolic and salicylic acids

  • Hale Cosmeceuticals
Hale Cosmeceuticals is the name to trust when it comes to skin care and beauty products. Relying on advanced technology, they produce safe, socially-conscious products and ensure quality through their very own research and development team. These products actually work without using harsh chemicals or parabens.

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