H2T Hand Therapy Intensive Hand Cream


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H2T Hand Therapy Intensive Cream is a luxurious and beneficial hand cream designed for moisturizing and repairing dry, cracked skin.  H2T's formula is medical grade and contains a complex of extremely high quality ingredients and natural anti-oxidants derived from cold pressed seed oils.  Proven to effectively moisturize, restore and repair skin, Hand Therapy Intensive Hand Cream leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth without leaving your skin greasy or oily. 
  • Restorative formula designed to moisturizer & repair dry skin
  • Medical grade lanolin assists in skin repair
  • 6 oz, leaves hand soft & smooth
  • Avoids feeling greasy or oily

  • H2T

The (h2t) bath and body line was developed under the guidance of highly skilled aestheticians and nail technicians, to assure superior quality and performance. (h2t) is a complete line of bath and body products made with concentrated and contemporary ingredients. With the (h2t) product line you receive professional performance and quality for at home use.

See also the sister lines from Ricardo Altobelli Salon: Dermastage skincare and Alto Bella haircare.

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