Feeling Smitten Mini Cupcake Bath Bomb - Mint Cocoa

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Feeling Smitten is known and loved for their delectable cupcake bath bombs. Feeling Smitten Mini Mint Cocoa Cupcake Bath Bomb feels like bathing in a cozy cup of hot cocoa with refreshing hints of peppermint. To use, remove the cupcake liner and drop your cake into the water. The “cake” portion of the bomb fizzes and softens bath water, while the “frosting” acts as a sugar scrub you can used to exfoliate your skin. How sweet is that!

  • Mini size cupcake bath bomb, approximately 1.2 ounces
  • Warm and refreshing peppermint cocoa fragrance
  • Made by the Feeling Smitten team in Tacoma, Washington

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