Eau De Botot Natural Mouthwash - 150 ml

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Botot Mouthwash is a formula started in 1755, when Doctor Julian Botot invented the world’s first toothpaste and mouthwash for King Louis XV of France. To use this highly concentrated natural herbal elixir, add a few drops to warm water, gargle or put on toothbrush to warm up the gum line before brushing with Botot Toothpaste. With a natural gillyflower (clove family) base, this mouthwash warms the gum line first then cleanses. That means you get a gentle cleansing with strong results.
Concentrated formula.
  • 150ml bottle
  • Contains natural astringent extracts and the antibacterial, warming essences of Cinnamon, Gilliflower and Ginger (which warms the gums and promotes circulation)
  • Made in Italy

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