DuWop Cosmetics Tinted Prime Lip Venom Collection

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DuWop Prime Venom is the perfect combination of your favorite lip balm and the famous Lip Venom plumping formula.  A matte finish plumping balm, DuWop Prime Venom plumps, primes and conditioners your lip with each application, either giving your lips added moisture on the go, or priming your lips to help lipsticks apply flawlessly and last longer.  For times when you want the tingle of DuWop's Venom without the shine of gloss or any extra color, Prime Venom will even flush your lips with perfect natural color when you don't even need lipstick.  Evening out lines and making color last longer, Prime Venom acts at the perfect primer for nights when that dashing color is exactly what you need!  ** Now available in 6 colors! **
  • Can be worn as lip balm or lipstick primer
  • Makes color last longer
  • Available in clear or colors
  • Moisturizes lips & smooths out lines
  • Plumps lips & adds natural color

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