DuWop Cosmetics Private Lipstick Collection - Set of 6

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Duwop Mini Private Lipstick Collection includes 6 mini shades of those colors you love, sure to match any outfit or skin shade for that perfect pout! Unless you are that perfect girl who finds that perfect lipstick, finding a shade that blends naturally is very hard to do. This new trial gift set is ideal for helping us ladies find that perfect shade without breaking the bank and wasting product!  Private Pearl acts as a top coat for a three dimensional shine and can be layered on top of any private lipstick color of your choice for a self blended new shade that may fit perfect for you! Private pearl contains conditioning ingredients such as: Beeswax, Castor Oil, and Vitamin E, supplying your lips with supple hydration! Get this sought after set, My Private Lipstick adjusts with your PH levels to give you the most perfect shade for your skin tone. These shades include three naturally derived pigments - Annatto, Hibiscus, and Henna.

  • 6 mini colors, 6 great shades
  • Fun size in one private kit
  • Can be layered on top of each other to create new shades
  • Private Pearl acts as a top coat for a three dimensional shine

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  • DuWop Cosmetics

As one of the most innovative brands in beauty, DuWop Cosmetics has made a name for itself by figuring out what women need and creating it.

With high-quality ingredients and a collection of cool, problem solving products that you can't live without; DuWop Cosmetics brings you “Modern Beauty Solutions.”

DuWop Cosmetics Lip Venom: the first-ever lip plumper

A case-study in innovation

Working with Kerry Russell on the set of Felicity sparked the idea for this breakthrough product. After observing the incredibly full and pouty lips the actress had following her long and passionate kissing scenes, designers became inspired to create a product that would mimic that same beautiful effect.

After trying everything - from cayenne pepper to crushed mustard seed - DuWop discovered a special blend of essential oils that could change the way women see their lips.

The end result: A brilliant, cinnamon-spiked blend which went on to become DuWop's signature product, Lip Venom. After a little publicity and a lot of word of mouth (the actresses on the show became obsessed!), the hot little lip gloss went down in history as the first-ever lip plumper.

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