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DuWop Isla Sirena Sea Shell Compact Cheek Dual is a beautiful cream blush and highlighter duo that helps you contour picture perfect cheek bones. This duo of warming tints and lustrous highlighters are designed to create ethereal, youthful and glowing complexions. The velvety formula of the blush and highlighter creates a dewy complexion adding the perfect touch of warmth to lids, cheeks and even lips. Featured in an originally molded antique gold sea shell compact, these dazzling pairings of richly pigmented shadows can be applied individually or blended together for a more dramatic effect. The Cheek Dual is available in 3 shades:

Luz De Luna: Fresh rose blush with champagne highlighter.

Rubellite: Subtle peach blush with golden highlighter.

  • Celebrates Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Blush and highlighter duo
  • Creates youthful complexion
  • Velvety formula
  • For eyes, cheeks and lips

  • DuWop Cosmetics

As one of the most innovative brands in beauty, DuWop Cosmetics has made a name for itself by figuring out what women need and creating it.

With high-quality ingredients and a collection of cool, problem solving products that you can't live without; DuWop Cosmetics brings you “Modern Beauty Solutions.”

DuWop Cosmetics Lip Venom: the first-ever lip plumper

A case-study in innovation

Working with Kerry Russell on the set of Felicity sparked the idea for this breakthrough product. After observing the incredibly full and pouty lips the actress had following her long and passionate kissing scenes, designers became inspired to create a product that would mimic that same beautiful effect.

After trying everything - from cayenne pepper to crushed mustard seed - DuWop discovered a special blend of essential oils that could change the way women see their lips.

The end result: A brilliant, cinnamon-spiked blend which went on to become DuWop's signature product, Lip Venom. After a little publicity and a lot of word of mouth (the actresses on the show became obsessed!), the hot little lip gloss went down in history as the first-ever lip plumper.

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