DuWop Cosmetics Reverse Lip Liner - Nude

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Duwop Reverse Lipliner is an invisible lip pencil that helps you flawlessly shape your lips without the harsh edges of a colored lip liner.  This colorless matte liner pencil, when applied to your lips, produces a perfectly shaped pout while preventing lipstick and gloss from featuring.  Using Kombuchta, a miracle ingredient that causes "lipofilling", the Reverse Lipliner pencil can actually restore volume to the skin in areas where volume is needed, including fine lines around your lips.  Reverse Lipliner is designed to be applied around the outside of your lips, to keep the color exactly where you need it!
  • Soft, matte finish
  • Includes sharpener
  • Holds lip color in place
  • Prevents feathering and bleeding
  • Restores volume for a plump appearance


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