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Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Resurgent Stem Cell Firming Activator -1oz

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Dermelect Resurgent Stem Cell Firming Activator is a skin-perfecting, finishing application infused to help stimulate skins protein production and boost facial skin stem cell activity. Derived from Alpine Rose plant stem cells, Dermelect uses the science of Botanical Wound Healing in this anti-aging innovation. Resurgent Stem Cell Firming Activator is a duo function complexion transforming formula designed and formulated as a finishing application to promote stem cell protection and resurgence of youthful looking skin tissue while further preventing free radical damage.

How it works:

The Swiss Alpine Rose is characterized by its stem cells’ resilience and longevity, and it is unique because it flourishes even in the most unfavorable of conditions. Resurgent will synergistically activate the skin to a visibly resurfaced texture and radiant, glowing even skin tone and will convert any existing facial moisturizer or treatment into one that will be much more effective providing desired results. Also contains Algisium C skin anti-oxidant, an organic derivative of seaweed that binds moisture to the skin, firming and strengthening the skin for an instantly improved texture. In a 17 day study, wrinkles were 45% less visible and complexion was 54% more radiant.

To use, spray entire face. Massage gently in a circular motion and allow to absorb morning and evening. Use after Dermelect Resurface Stem Cell Reconstructing Serum and Dermelect Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatment.

  • Transforms complexion, making it bright, supple and even
  • Activates epidermal regeneration
  • Targets damage by free radical agents
  • Reinforces effect of any existing facial treatment
  • Preserves the function of epidermal stem cells

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