Dermastage Spot Treatment Gel


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Dermastage Spot Treatment Gel is a fast-acting, intensive gel that penetrates clogged pores from which acne oil secretions arise, providing powerful control and rapid resolution of unwanted blemishes. In addition to effectively treating whiteheads, blackheads and emerging acne, this unique, gentle formula accelerates the skin renewal process and helps stimulate skin cells to produce more vibrant, smoother-looking skin.

Category: Teen
  • Fast-acting, accelerates the skin renewal process
  • Penetrates clogged pores
  • Helps stimulate skin cells to produce more vibrant and smoother-looking skin
  • One .9 oz treatment tube

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  • Dermastage
Because the (h2t) dermAstage Actives products are life stage and solutions-oriented, they make the process of selecting the right treatments for your skin precise and easy. All skin, regardless of the stage it is in, should have the benefit of the (h2t) dermAstage Actives products.

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