Capri Blue Canvas Collection - Candle Jar (8 oz)

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Capri Blue is a Mississippi-based candle company that upholds eco-friendly, vegan practices while taking cues from cutting edge fashion and home design for their complex fragrances. Each Candle Jar is hand-poured and made from their signature natural soy wax blend that is specially made to absorb 2-3 times more fragrance oil than most other candles. What that means for you is an environmentally responsible candle with quite a fragrance punch!

Capri Blue's Candle Jar comes in three fragrances:

Cashmere Rain - comforting Spiced Bergamot, Freesia Petals and Vanilla Sandalwood.

Jasmine Amber - sensual florals Red Amber, Peony Blossom and Crisp Jasmine.

Neroli Grapefruit - bright notes of Sweet Orange, White Grapefruit and Clean Vetiver.

  • Low oil soy candle with 2-3 times the fragrance punch
  • Hand-poured candle burns for approximately 45 hours
  • Made in America

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