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blowpro The Perfect Shower Cap is the one shower cap that actually works! This isn't your grandma's shower cap -- really. Protect your blowout or perfect hairdo in the shower no matter how long that shower is. Built with a 100% terry lining, this oversized shower cap clings to your head securely all around. This protects your hairline and makes it much better than those free hotel shower caps! Blowpro understands the importance (and time!) of blowouts and is here to help your last as long as possible!

To use:

Gather hair on top of head, twisting and clipping into place. Open the shower cap with both hands and position it flush to your forehead before pulling the back to the nape of your neck. Take care to store the perfect shower cap inside out after each use. The perfect shower cap is machine washable on a delicates cycle. Air dry in a humidity-free room.

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Blowpro is the only line of hair care products uniquely designed to give better blow dry results. The award-winning line is devoted to the art of the perfect blowout. Taking you from start to finish in your beauty routine, blowpro offers cleaning, nourishing, prepping, styling and finishing products.

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