blowpro Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate - 4.7 oz


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Blowpro Root Lift Concentrate gives you long lasting volume from roots to tips by working at the base of your hair. A great alternative to teasing or back-combing, the blend of milk and rice proteins gives hair lasting strength and health so you can enjoy lasting height. Spray this fast acting concentrate onto damp hair around the crown of the head and massage into the scalp. Then do your blowout while brushing hair up and back for sky-high volume.

  • Root-targeting concentrate that gives dramatic height and volume
  • Strengthens hair health with each application
  • The perfect blowout companion

Collections: Beauty, Blowpro, Hair

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  • Blowpro
Blowpro is the only line of hair care products uniquely designed to give better blow dry results. The award-winning line is devoted to the art of the perfect blowout. Taking you from start to finish in your beauty routine, blowpro offers cleaning, nourishing, prepping, styling and finishing products.

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