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Blow Out Serious Non-Stick Hair Spray by blowpro is a finishing hair spray that allows for only the good movement. Keep a style without having a sticky or plastered look. This is the first hair spray of its kind that is specifically designed to keep your blow-dried hair styled all day long. Even in humid conditions, frizz, and fly-aways are not a problem. Besides, Blow Out Serious Non-Stick Hair Spray by blowpro contains a pure protein blend to keep your hair healthy and soft. Use the full 10 oz size for at home or the 1.5 oz special "purse" size for a style on the run!

For maximum volume, flip hair upside down or to the side. Spray Blow Out throughout your hair, work your fingers through it & flip hair back!

  • Lose plastered looks with this movable style product
  • Specifically made for blow dry styled hair
  • Made with a Protein Blend to keep your hair healthy and shiny
  • Dries instantly

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  • Blowpro
Blowpro is the only line of hair care products uniquely designed to give better blow dry results. The award-winning line is devoted to the art of the perfect blowout. Taking you from start to finish in your beauty routine, blowpro offers cleaning, nourishing, prepping, styling and finishing products.

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