Aunt Sadie's Certified Redneck Candle

Aunt Sadie's

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It doesn't get more backwoods than this. Just for the Red Neck in your life...our Certified Red Neck Candle! Featuring the delightful scent of wet dirt that was totally tested and rated by a panel of expert Red Necks, we're not pulling your leg. A great gag gift or genuine gift for the people in  your life. All of Aunt Sadie's candles are hand poured, using premium wax and authentic fragrance.

  • Wet Dirt Scent
  • Decorative display tin
  • Estimated burn time 70 hours
  • Made in the USA

  • Aunt Sadie's

Every single Aunt Sadie Candle is started by hand-pouring a blend of premium wax and authentic scent containing essential oils (and it's the same on the top of the candle as the bottom). Aunt Sadie will never skimp! Then, they add an American-made cotton wick, wrap one of their fancy-schmancy labels around the finished candle, put a lid on and smile. We know when you light these candles, you'll smile too. And they burn for 70 hours. Enjoy!

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