Laura Janelle by Cousin Birthstone Bar Necklace

Laura Janelle

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Laura Janelle Birthstone Bar necklaces showcase not only your birthstone, but 3 unique characteristics of you! These gold-tone necklaces pair perfectly with any outfit. Simplicity and elegance makes this the perfect birthday gift. Wear it, flip it, gift it, love it! Chain length 16.5" 

January - Good Friend, Independent, Honest
February - Imaginative, Good Listener, Sincere
March - Courageous, Deep Thinker, Brave
April - Independent, Artistic, Bold
May - Creative, Patient, Loyal
June - Responsible, Humorous, Caring
July - Strong, Inventive, Talkative
August - Hard Worker, Carefree, Thrifty
September - Sensible, Energetic, Wise
October - Born Leader, Loves Nature, Musical
November - Lighthearted, Forgiving, Faithful
December - Prosperous, Enthusiastic, Punctual

  • Laura Janelle by Cousin

Laura Janelle by Cousin is an accessories brand featuring on trend products at outstanding value. With a mantra of "Be Mindful", Laura Janelle Jewelry strives to be mindful, present and fashion-forward. With creative designers and trend analyzers, Laura Janelle by Cousin brings us beautiful jewelry at mindful prices.


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