Naked Princess - CLOSING OUT - Naked Sugar Lip Scrub (0.25 oz)

Naked Princess

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Naked Princess Naked Sugar Scrub lip polish is a gentle conditioning exfoliant that leaves lips looking younger, softer and smoother. Enriched with sugar crystals, which have natural antiseptic and healing properties, dry flakes are gently buffed away. Natural bees wax and luxurious long-lasting shea butter are added to seal in moisture and protect lips from environmental toxins. Shiso (Japanese) mint flavor is subtle, but delicious. Lips will feel immediately refreshed and kissable.

  • Naked Princess
Naked Princess is a lifestyle brand that redefines the concept of boudoir. Boudoir can be created anywhere with a signature scent, a go-to gloss, a cozy cashmere robe, the perfect day-to-night dress, and the confidence these favorites inspire. Their custom-formulated beauty products, timeless loungewear, lingerie and home accessories are all created with this passion: to elevate a woman's day-to-day experience and help curate her ideal boudoir.

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