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Scent Descriptions
Skin an Apothecary Aroma Blends

A crisp, sunny scent that is truly a little pop of happiness in a jar.  A crisp clean aroma with just a hint of a cool floral finish.  This light, refreshing blend is perfect for spring and summer.


A tribute to our beginnings… a clean, crisp blend that begins with top notes of tarragon, grapefruit and lime leaf and ends with hints of Siberian pine and amber.


A unique, fresh floral blend made of chamomile flowers that will soothe your senses as well as your skin.


Our Citrus blend is our original blend that my aunt used when she first started making the Salt Glows. It still remains ever so popular. It’s a great summer blend that woman and men both love. It’s joyous and uplifting, and this unique blend of citrus fruits cleanses, purifies, and tones the skin.


Sweet & sophisticated, Crema is a relaxing blend of rich Cream infused with a hint of Sugar.

Ginger Snap

All the great smells of autumn in one! Hints of ginger, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon capture the warm, comforting scent that truly says fall.


A warm, feminine blend of iris petals and purple freesia contrasted with sharp green pear and with some warming amber and patchouli.


Calming lavender meets the cooling of peppermint to tone the skin and relax muscles.


A wonderful tropical blend, to get you in just the right mood.  We like ours shaken, not stirred…


As lush and inviting as the fruit itself, our mango is a subtly sweet yet tropical blend.


Bright poppy petals and green grass blend to create an invigorating and uplifting experience.


An exotic fragrance that mingles tropical flowers with a hint of fruit.


We have taken this much loved essence and captured it before it’s totally ripe.  The spice is there, but so is a crisp, green element that makes this aroma blend a perfect choice for anyone who wants a “fresh” but not “flowery” scent.  Our Sandalwood oil is subtly blended with notes of Lemon Leaf, Jasmine, and Clove to create a modern yet organic fragrance.


A sunny day on the Mediterranean has been captured in this beautiful Aroma Blend.  Think ocean breezes laced with hints of tropical flowers and you can begin to imagine the warm, distinctly feminine essence of Santorini.  We blended Notes of the Ocean with Neroli, Bergamot and Musk for this must have blend.


Warming and uplifting qualities that inspire confidence.  Increases levels of adrenaline and can also be an aphrodisiac.  Thus, it makes an ideal addition to a sensual massage.

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Suds from Skin An Apothecary takes the idea of multi-tasking to a whole new level. This winner of the "Best New Bath & Body Product" at New York's Fall 2004 Extract Show is a creamy cloud-like cleanser that does the job of a multitude of bottles and tubes. Though it might seem unorthodox, Suds is an incredible shampoo, especially on color-treated hair.  As a moisturizing body cleanser, Suds couldn't be better. Its nourishing blend of shea butter and lanolin oil gently cleanse while restoring moisture to the skin. And forget about buying a special cream for shaving, because Suds even lathers and hydrates as a perfect shaving cream.  Even use it in the bath tub for bubbles.

Use Skin An Apothecary Suds as:

  • Shampoo
  • Body Cleanser
  • Shaving Cream
  • Bubble Bath

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  • Skin, an Apothecary

    Hand-mixed luxury body care

Pairing modern aesthetics with time-tested recipes

Skin, an Apothecary is truly a happy blend of modern aesthetic paired with a classic apothecary look for soy body whips, scrubs, skincare and candles. This is a brand that believes in luxurious feeling skin.

Rather than jumping on the latest beauty trends, Skin builds on the wisdom handed down from past generations. They hand-mix luxurious formulas using only high-quality ingredients. Skin an Apothecary's use of natural herbs, fruit, honey and oils enable them to create products that soothe the body and the senses.

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