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We Sort of Pay You to Shop...

Beauty Bucks Rewards ProgramHere at Beauty of a Site, we appreciate our shoppers, so we try to go out of our way to show you.  One of the ways we like to give you a little something back is with our Beauty Bucks Rewards Program. Are you aware that you- every single time you order- earn 5% of your last order as a credit on your Beauty of a Site account?  No fancy card or program necessary!  These shopping points don't expire or earn you a coupon in a year- we let you claim the balance whenever and however you want it.  Save it or spend it - it's up to you! When you hit the checkout, on the payments page, you'll see a little blurp in the upper left hand corner with your Beauty Bucks balance and a button that says "Click to apply Beauty Bucks." And so you click... and you get that much off the top of your order.  Pretty awesome, right? Read more about the program here.

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