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Aspen Bay Holiday Collection

Aspen Bay Candles are relatively new to us here at Beauty of a Site, but we can't seem to get enough of them! The new holiday line smells amazing and the jars are oh-so-cute. Don't know what benefits a nice smelling candle can give you? The Winter months are cold and dreary and while most of the country is stuck inside, the air in our homes can get a little stale. What better than a refreshing candle to breathe a little freshness into your home? Not only that, but they make great holiday decorations too. Give them as hostess gifts for all the snazzy holiday parties or just as part of your own table setting for those nice dinners coming up. Here's our best description of the lovely scents: From left to right Currant Candle - A soft floral scent. Great for a background smell that won't overpower. Spice Candle - A blend of cinnamon and pumpkin. Perfect for a crisp Fall evening. Juniper Twig Candle - A soft pine scent reminiscent of a Christmas Tree farm. Orange Clove Candle - A soft, sweet and citrus-y scent.

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