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The original scents of Nouveau Paris were formulated in 1938 by Auguste Varte-Anne and archived in "The Diary of Auguste Varte-Anne," only to be accidentally dug up by their grand-daughter almost 70 years later. Auguste's innovative and luxurious scents inspired him to name his works of art "The Collection of Nouveau Paris" (referring to the more modern side of Paris). Each fragrance included over 60 different ingredients, which allowed one to layer and create several combinations of fragrances by applying different perfumes. Auguste channeled his works of art through "simplicity, originality, and creativity."

In the year 1944, during the invasion of Southern France, Auguste and Marguerite were forced to leave their perfumery behind, noted in his diary, where Auguste stated "Unfortunately, the war effort has many different priorities for us to attend." So he kept his diary close by him, where his fragrance compounds were archived, in hopes to one day continue his love of creating luxurious perfumes, dedicating them to his wife.

In 2008, Nouveau Paris - Fine Fragrance and Cosmetics, Inc. was launched in the United States by the grand-daughter of Auguste and Marguerite Varte-Anne with hopes to fulfill her grandfather's dream. She incorporated his diary into a poem called "The Silent Poem of Perfumery - The Art of Liquid Emotion." Nouveau Paris has grown into a leading name in the domestic and international beauty markets, earning a reputation for luxurious products and signature packaging, making Nouveau Paris renowned as "the most classic company in the industry."
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